Æsop Austin E Soplata


@austinsoplata on Twitter. Say hi if you’re here. I like computational neuroscience, especially modeling neurons. I like open science. I REALLY like the growing online community of open scientists. I like studying thalamocortical oscillations, especially the dynamics of the thalamus under sleep and anesthesia. Here (PDF warning) is an example of my research. I like helping develop the DynaSim MATLAB toolbox for simulating dynamical systems, even though I really don’t like MATLAB and prefer Python. I like the Brian2 simulator that some of DynaSim’s design is based off of. I like updating this website when I’ve had too much coffee and it’s past my bedtime. I like the Designers Republic. I like Aphex Twin, Autechre, and lots of other great artists. I donate (sparingly) to the development of Dwarf Fortress even though I can’t really get into actually playing it. I like transhumanism but am not a New Rationalist. I like too many videogames. I like vim but use emacs solely for org-mode, since it seems to be the most future-proof, feature-rich todo/organizational system I’ve ever come across. I like donating to the Free Software Foundation and especially the Electronic Frontier Foundation, since their work is only going to become more important. This site currently uses the Jekyll theme Lanyon, graciously hosted by GitHub Pages.