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SFN Poster Available

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If you’d like to download my SFN 2019 poster “Cortical UP DOWN state synchrony drives propofol phase amplitude coupling in slow waves”, click here!

CRC Talk Available

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To see the “Thalamic Control of Propofol Phase-amplitude Coupling” talk given at the Cognitive Rhythms Collaborative Retreat on April 23rd, 2018, click here to go to the talk!

Open Science Resource Lists Available

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I’ve finally, after years of accumulating notes (in org-mode, natch), published the first edition of everything I can find on Open Science and Open Computational Neuroscience! They seem like such tiny little things, but they represent small, meaningful victories to me for getting off my bum and finally starting something I’ve been planning to start for a VERY long time.

First paper is out!

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OMG My first paper is out!!! Not that anyone reads this, but still (even though it came out months ago)! Since it’s open access, you can download it directly from the Publications page or go to the paper directly on PLoS Computational Biology.

Git intro talk

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Go here to access the Git Intro Talk!